ceasing presence 2018 oil on canvas 110cm x 140cm


PÄNTA RHEI Soloshow in gallery Latuvu Lab, Bages, FR. 26/07 - 9/09/2018

THE HARMONY OF DIFFERENCE  summer group show in Galerie Light Cube Ronse, B. 17/06 - 26/08/2018

MOMENTUM 1918 - 2018 John Bulteel/Bart De Zutter/Oswald Fieuw (curator)/Paul Gees/Walter Green/Stéphanie Leblon/Thomas Lerooy/Tom Liekens/Tinka Pittoors/Sven Verhaeghe/Willem Vermandere/Elodie Wysocki/Jan Yperman (curator), Saint Peter's Church Ypres, B.16/06 - 30/09/2018

VIRIDITAS Nick Ervinck/Stijn Cole/Joke Raes/Jan Fabre/Filip Vervaet/Jonas Vansteenkiste/Louise Mertens/Stephanie Leblon/Stefan Peters in gallery de Mijlpaal Heusden-zolder, B. 25/03 - 25/06/2018




A new Book

The book shows a selection of works from the last three years.

ISBN: 9789082148930
Publication date: 22/02/2018
Publisher: Design & Publishing Group bvba
Dimensions: 255 mm x 220 mm x 7 mm

to order: you can order a book by e-mailing your name and address (via the contact page) and transferring 24 euro to account be95 0013 1132 9458. The book will be sent to you by post

You can find the book in the museum shop of the Guislain Museum in Ghent and in the Flanders Field Museum in Ypres


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